Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a rare motor speech disorder. Specialized treatment is important.

Approximately 1 to 2 children out of 1,000 have CAS. Children with CAS have difficulty planning and programming the necessary movements to produce speech. Accurate apraxia diagnosis and specialized treatment are essential.


Learn about effective treatments for CAS.
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Learn about evidence-based assessment and
treatment methods for CAS.
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Dosage Study Recruiting Participants!

The Once Upon a Time Foundation is sponsoring a research study to look into the dosage of Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC). The RCT is currently recruiting participants.

Interested in your child participating?

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What Kind of Therapy Works?

A Specialized Approach is Needed

Specific childhood apraxia of speech therapy techniques that improve motor learning are recommended for CAS.

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Treatment Methods Depend on CAS Severity

SLP (speech-language pathologist) treatment focus and methods depend on the severity of the CAS .

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Learn About Evidence-Based Treatment Methods

CAS treatment methods with the strongest evidence of effectiveness.

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FREE Learning Opportunities

Video Learning Opportunities

Ranging from introductory information to detailed videos on effective treatments for CAS

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SLPs (speech-language pathologists) can learn through two online videos about CAS for free.

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Training Workshops

For SLPs on how to diagnose and treat CAS (childhood apraxia of speech), available for free.

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Ask An Expert

For informed opinions from SLPs with advanced knowledge of CAS.

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For relevant and current information related to CAS.

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CAS Blog

For topics related to CAS diagnosis and treatment.

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Current Research

Funded by the Once Upon a Time Foundation.

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Who We Are

Meet Our Experts

We partner with expert child apraxia of speech clinicians and researchers who have extensive knowledge and experience and are passionate about helping parents and clinicians support children with CAS.

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Meet Our Partners

Our partner organizations host continuing education events, and many serve as local resources for apraxia diagnosis, treatment, and research of CAS. Check out our previous and upcoming conferences to see our partners.

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Meet Our Team

Our team is dedicated to empowering parents and speech-language pathologists by providing research-based information and resources about CAS including how to access & treat CAS. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we are here to help!

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About The Foundation

The Once Upon A Time Foundation is a Fort Worth, Texas-based private foundation that works to help children with CAS by educating families and speech-language pathologists about evidence-based treatment practices. These initiatives include: free online courses and videos, sponsoring free advanced trainings, funding research, and answering questions from parents, therapists, and educators relating to CAS. 

What People are Saying

AnonymousSLP and Advanced Workshop Attendee

Changing movement instead of working on changing specific sounds has made all the difference! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us. Your workshop was one of the absolute best trainings I’ve attended.


Looking back, I wish I had known how to better decipher between the different treatment approaches for apraxia and the science behind them. It didn't even cross my mind that everything being marketed to me might not be what was best for my child at that time, and that's really tough as a parent.

Allison C.SLP and Advanced Workshop Attendee

I have truly won the SLP Lottery! As therapists we are hungry for unbiased information and treatment techniques, finding these methods is not easy and getting training in them can be difficult. To have participated in this training with such a highly skilled group of professionals felt like getting the answer key in treatment of CAS! This experience has equipped me with the tools I need to feel confident in not only revolutionizing my therapy but to share this with others and begin the needed change in our field using techniques backed by research. My hope is that targeted research in CAS will continue to fuel the future of treatment.

AnonymousSLP and Advanced Workshop Attendee

This training was one of the top Continuing Education events I have attended over the last 14 years. So many times I attend a workshop and there is nothing applicable that I can immediately take and implement in my practice. This training helped me to become a more effective clinician and my clients are benefiting from it!


My daughter is a Talker because of Dr. Edythe Strand. After 6 years of traditional speech therapy, my daughter had just a few words barely understandable by a stranger. Dr. Strand armed me with the knowledge and skill to attack apraxia. More importantly, Dr. Strand gifted Alice with the ability to use her voice.

Sally L.SLP and Online Course Participant

As a school based SLP, I am required to complete many hours of continuing education. They are expensive and salary in my rural district is so much lower than my colleagues in medical settings or private practice. So you see, to be able to do this without travel, on my own schedule and without expense is truly invaluable. Most importantly, I serve these children and can use the information tomorrow on the job.