Additional Resources for
Childhood Apraxia of Speech

General Information about CAS

A non-profit organization providing a Speech-Language Pathologist directory and education, support, and resources about Childhood Apraxia of Speech to families and professionals helping children find their voices.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Information for Parents

Videos featuring Dr. Edythe Strand discussing the topic of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). The focus is on helping parents know more about this speech disorder and how to work with the speech-language pathologist to help their child.

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Apraxia 101 is a platform for sharing educational videos, tools, experiences and ideas for teaching others about Apraxia.  In addition, Apraxia 101 provides scholarships for college-bound high school seniors who have Apraxia.

CAS Resources for Speech-Language Pathologists

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Practice Portal on CAS

Information, linked to research-evidence, to assist speech-language pathologists in clinical decision making.

Evidence-Based Treatment Methodologies for CAS

Rapid Syllable Transition Training (ReST)

ReST is designed to treat childhood apraxia of speech or ataxic dysarthria in children age 4-12. ReST uses nonsense words that sound like real words but do not have meaning, allowing the child to concentrate on accurate movement for sounds, beats (stress) and smoothness. Treatment sessions follow a consistent structure of training and practice. Training materials for speech-language pathologists to learn to do ReST are available for free on the ReST website.

CAS Teen Meet-Ups

We provide the opportunity to meet and connect with other kids who have CAS. The Meet-Up is facilitated by a licensed SLP who helps them feel comfortable communicating in a group. Please go to our webpage HERE to find out more!

Literacy Resources

The Reading League is a national not for profit that promotes knowledge to reimagine the future of literacy education and accelerate the global movement toward reading instruction rooted in science. The website offers online trainings for parents and professionals, plus a podcast and journal.

Reading Rockets creates and disseminates free, evidence-based information about reading through three major services: PBS television programs, online services, and professional development opportunities.

Literacy Instruction for Children with Complex Communication Needs

Literacy program developed by Dr. Janice Light and Dr. David McNaughton at Penn State University. The website includes information and videos about literacy instruction for children with complex communication needs.