CAS Teen Meet-Ups

What is a CAS Teen Meet-Up?

Connect with Teens who have CAS

We provide the opportunity to meet and connect with other kids who have CAS. The Meet-Up is facilitated by a licensed SLP who helps them feel comfortable communicating in a group.

Games and Activities

We begin the day with fun ice breaker games so the teens can get to know one another in a fun atmosphere. Throughout the day there are games and crafts to keep everyone engaged and our SLP facilitates time for meaningful connection.

Time for Parents

We have a designated space for parents to gather during the Meet-Up to connect with one another and build a community. They can discuss their child’s diagnosis journey and find others who understand that experience. If possible, we try to have our researchers from our Apraxia studies join so parents can hear about their current projects.

July 2022 Meet-Up Highlights

We hosted our first CAS Teen Meet-Up in Las Vegas in July 2022. 8 families came from across the country and spent the weekend connecting with one another with an all-expenses paid trip. The pre-teens and teens had time together on Saturday to ice breaker games, make crafts and do a scavenger hunt! While their kids had fun facilitated by one of our licensed SLPs on staff, parents also had time to connect that day. They had breakfast and had conversations about their child’s diagnosis, the struggles they’ve been through but also the happiness and pride they feel when they started seeing improvement from their child from treatment. This Meet-Up is for both kids and parents to know they are not alone and they have a community there to support them.

Why is it only for teens?

We found that across the country there are many support groups and meet-ups for adults with apraxia. There are also quite a few groups to facilitate parents of young children who have recently been diagnosed with CAS and groups focused around children under 10. What we could not find were Meet-Ups or facilitated groups for teens – and we wanted to change that!

When is the next CAS Teen Meet-Up?

We are hosting our next all expenses paid, CAS Teen Meet-Up on Saturday March 4th, 2023 in Fort Worth, Texas!

Please fill out the application below if you would like to be considered for the next Meet-Up. The opportunity is open to 10 teens, we will be accepting applications on a rolling basis so apply as soon as you can!

Interested in your child attending?


Schedule of Events

Friday, March 3rd

  • 6:30PM Dinner – for those who make it to Fort Worth in time for dinner we welcome you to meet the other kids and parents before the next day’s Meet-Up. This is not required and will be very informal.

Saturday, March 4th

  • 9:30 AM Breakfast – Food and beverages will be available to start the morning off.
  • 10:00AM Teen Meet-Up Begins – The teens will head to their designated meeting area to start ice breaker games and get to know one another. Parents will have a designated area near the Teen Meet-Up and are welcome to spend time together and have coffee and snacks.
  • 2:00PM Teen Meet-Up concludes
  • 6:30PM Dinner – We welcome anyone who would like to stay in town for dinner to join. Parents and kids will get one last time to connect and play a few family games with one another.

*there is a possibility that parents will have time to hear from a few of our researchers currently conducting studies on CAS at some point during the weekend. 

We are super appreciative of everything! The kids really clicked, well behaved and kind to one another. The structure of the day was perfect. The kids got to connect and hear each other

Parent - Anonymous