How To Help Your Child at Home

While obtaining appropriate and effective speech therapy for your child with CAS is essential, there are a variety of ways you can also help your child at home.

How to Decrease Frustration and Behaviors

Communication is key! Helping your child communicate better will decrease frustration and related behaviors.

Home Practice

Practicing speech at home can help maximize your child’s progress. Guidelines for successful home practice.

Building Your Child’s Language

Language is the foundation for speech! How to help your child’s language be a strength to build upon.

Do’s and Don’ts

Ideas to help your child move forward and common mistakes.

Tips for Reading Success

Children with CAS are at increased risk of reading difficulties but there is a lot you can do to help your child, from pre-reading skills to reading programs to assessing for a reading disorder.

What if Your Child is “Stuck”?

Problem-solving ideas to help your child move through difficulties and make progress.